Monday, March 12, 2007

Lots to update.

1st things was surgery day. Yes, Cheeks had a hernia. But he fooled everyone.

It wasn't a hernia.
It was a hydroseal.
The dr./surgeon said that it is better than a hernia & in fact, will lower his risk for having a hernia. The dr./surgeon said he does 300 hernia surgeries a year & he only sees hydroseals once every six years. go Cheekers!
He's napping now.
He did really well this morning.
He woke up at 6. We put him in the car.
Got to the hospital.
Got in the back.
And they took him in for surgery at like 7:40. He fussed like once, for a minute, b/c he was hungry. He hadn't eaten since last night at 7:30 when he had his bottle.
He was flirting with all the nurses and eating his teething toy.
So thank you for all your prayers & thoughts.
We got back April 9th for a follow up.
He can resume his normal activity when he feels like it. Could be today. Could be tomorrow.

2nd. See that photo up there.
Figured it out.
He now rolls over.
Go Cheekers!
Go Cheekers!
Of course, once he lands on his tummy, he cries b/c he hates it! What can you do.

3rd. Last week he had his 6 month check up.
29 inches long
23 pounds, 14 ounces.
My goodness!
I knew he was long!

4th. I think I hear him soooooooooooooooooooo.......................................

Woops out!



I didn't know there was a surgery in the mix, but I'm glad I didn't....nice to know when it's over and everything's OK. LOL. Glad it all went, tell him NO MORE :) XOXOX


poor baby. My FIL had a hydrocele surgery done last year ... go figure. I had never heard of it before my MIL was telling us about it. Poor FIL.. we tormented him awful about it afterwards. At least cheeckers is little.. but it must be more uncomfortable for him. Hope he feels better soon!! ((hugs))

Felicia McB

I've been stopping by looking for an update on cheekers hernia and sure enought today there it was! So glad to hear that it wasn't a hernia after all and that he did so well with the surgery. what a little trooper!


Hugs to cheekers for what he went through and hugs to mom for what you must have been thinking and going through... So glad to hear everything is over and done. Here's to being healthy on your return doctor visit.

Lissa Ballard

Hugs to sweet Ethan. Poor sweet baby but so glad things went so well Meghan!

And big kudos for learning to roll over sweet boy! It's about to be a whole new world Meghan... lol you think that bouncy seat went everywhere - just wait... LOL