Wednesday, June 20, 2007


See that look of desperation on his face?
He has that look of "Mommy, help me! Help me stand up!"
He now stands.
Since Sunday.
He has learned to get from laying down to a sitting position.
Then he pulls himself up in the pack n play.
That's ok.
What's not ok is that he does it in his crib.
Last night, it wasn't bad. Took me 4x's of laying him down & telling him "Night Night". He didn't even stand up in the crib.
Today. Not so much.
He pulls himself up all the time.
I put him down at 8:20 & finally at 8:55 he decided he got tired of me, hiding out by the door, coming in & telling him "No Ethan. Lay down. Night Night"
I lost count of how many times I went in there.
I worked up a frickin sweat!
So my plea to all your mommies out there.....any tips on getting your child to lay down for the night? Not stand in the crib?
Anything at all.
Well anything but giving him a bottle.
I am leaving this in your capable hands, so advise away!


Nik Just Nik

Meghan I used to let Indi do it for about 5 mins... she would cry and jump and cry some more.. Than I would go in and lay her back down and start all over again... I think she just realised after a few days that bed was for sleeping and it no longer became an issue...


well you are already doing better than I ever did...the boys didnt ever sleep n a crib. But the best thing ive heard or seen is supernanny the first time you go back in say whatever about the bed is for sleeping and must lay down nite nite but after that just go in and lay him down and dont say anything


Good luck my son is almost 11 months old and has been doing this since 7 months old we just keep fighting him it has cut down from about an hour of fighting to about 20 minutes.


Just keep it up but don't go in as often. If you got in too much they will think it's a great game that will bring you back. Yay on the standing. We haven't gotten that far yet but I think it will happen very soon!


I just made sure the crib was as low as it could go... and didn't make an issue out of it. They get tired and go to sleep eventually


I agree with onescrappychick! Ignore it and it won't be a big deal!


Hey Meghan! Your lil' man sure is growing up fast. Lily is 14 mos now...can you believe it? As far as advise to get baby to sleep in crib...well after #6, I've learned to just lay them down and not return...that is unless I heard unusal noises. LOL He'll think it's a game when you keep returning and he will continue to make noises hoping you will continue coming back each time. Just like onescrappychick said make sure the crib is in a low position so as not to fall out of it. We're gonna have to lower Lily's crib again. She's really good going to sleep at nap and bed times...I rarley hear a peep out of her. Good Luck!


We actually don't make a big deal about it, I never go back into Eric's room to lay him back down. His mattress is low so he won't fall out.
He really didn't do this too much, Eric likes his sleep and his blanket, gets excited when we put him into bed...grabs his blanket and rolls over to go to sleep.