Friday, June 01, 2007

Poor Cheekers

He's sick.
I feel so bad for him.
Glassy eyes.
Runny nose.

The cough is keeping him up. Should make for an interesting evening.
Say a prayer he will feel better manana. I even stayed home from meeting a new "scrappy" friend at a crop b/c I didn't want to leave him.

Now, onto a few things.
First my sign came. My welcome sign.


I really like it.
Two things.
1. My mom said "Whose coming over? Madonna?" BAAHAAHAA! She's a kidder that one!
2. I hung it on my door & between the sun & the heat, it warped already.
Yea, much.
It was a lot of money. Well a lot of money for some cardboard & glitter. Almost 40 dollars!
Live & learn I suppose.

Secondly, ever hear of the 26 Challenge blog.
Well I have & this month I got 2 photos done.
One was truck.

That's Bobster's new ride. Sure, he's 6"2 so it makes the ride a bit snuck but it has that new plastic car smell. Actually I got this for Cheekers a few weeks back. Yea, he's not real interested yet.

The other photo I took was feast.

Looks like it was tasty, doesn't it!
You betcha.

Finally, can I just say I need some much needed time to myself. Sure I could have gotten it tonight but I would have been too worried about the babe & not have enjoyed myself.

I am talking just 2 hrs people.
Just a pedi.
I don't even need the mani.

Guess I will get the time come Oct when Sandel weather is over.

Woops out!



Meggy, GET THE TIME. Trust me. You and Cheeks can't afford you not getting the time.