Monday, June 04, 2007

Next job: Bounty Huntin w/ Dog the Bounty Hunter

Cheekers is applying to be a bounty hunter with Dog b/c
1. He looks cool in those shades.
2. He can hurl that binky like a boomerang & get the fugitive in one shot!
I took him for his well baby visit today.
Good thing.
Apparantly he has developed a wheez.
So my poor baby is on a nebulizer.
Now that is like trying to wrestle an octupos covered in oil!
He was not a fan of this treatment.
My mom was here (Thank goodness) & she had to sing & dance to keep him from squirming.
Now I owe my mommy a big sorry for being such a bitch when Cheekers was having his treatment. I get frustrated easily & she was trying to help & I bit her head off. This is after she went & picked up his meds for me & just tried to help me.
So I'm sorry mom! I love you!
I know hard to believe I can be a bit of a bitch. It's a shocker really. Just ask Bobster. He'll tell you the truth.
On second thought....definitely don't ask him. :>)
Nothing else new & exciting from yesterday.
Still on my hunt for vintage things. My dad gave me a set of trunks that I am going to use for storage. He got them on Ebay & had them still in there box for a year so I told him I would take them. Dropped them off today while I was at work. They are nice. I think I am going to scruff them up a bit to make look shabby. I am going to keep some scrap stuff in there or maybe move this big ole tote filled with Lenox that I can't display into the trunks. That way I will have more room in my pantry, believe me I need it.
Tomorrow is Tuesday. Only 4 days to go til the weekend. Woo! I need it.
On that note...
~Woops out!



Cute pic. I have one of Taylor at about 6 months with his shades on and a binky in his mouth sitting in his stroller waiting to rumble. Reminded me of that! Cute, cute, cute!


Cute picture!

Lissa Ballard

Hey sugar - if anyone can empathize with the neb treatments I can... all three of mine have been on the and two of three kids since they were 2 months old. Dalton had RSV at 14 weeks and has been on it on and off since then. We're very lucky that the older he gets the few and more far between are his needed treatments.

He'll do okay - the noises are scary and all the "smoke" in his face is too. Did the doc give you the mask that looks like a little fish? Ask him about that if not. It's a little more fun.

Good luck sugar!