Thursday, November 29, 2007

Long Post.........

Where have I been?
See that pic up there?
I've been exhausted.
He is extremely mobile & wants to go, go, go all the time!!!

Actually I have been adjusting to working again.
It's a nice job. I have found different ways to get there. I am no longer taking the tpke, I am taking 295, which is cutting about 10 mins off my travel time.
What is nice, as well, is the company uses the same software system as I used at FMP. It's called BPics, so it's cool to be familiar with something while you are learning the ins & outs.
There are only 6 of us in the office. And what's funny is how the one perosn talks to the customers. The person actually told the customer "I don't know what the f*ck you want me to tell you?"
My eyes bulged out of my head.
No for being offended by the language, I can talk worse than a trucker, but the fact that he said that to a customer I was stunned.
O well.
Makes for an interesting day.

I testified today in the trial that stems from the attempted kidnapping that happened at Super G 3 1/2yrs ago.
Hopefully I will find out the verdict.
It was a hurry up & wait game. I waited 1.5 days to testify & it was over in 20 mins.
I will admit, the cross examination is very intimidating & the defense lawyer likes to twist your words.
It was almost like arguing with your s/o. BAAHAAHAA! J/K.

What else?
What else?

Oh see this pic:

That's me.
Yes, the camera puts on at least 10 pounds.
I had about 10 cameras on me.
BAAHAAHAA! Another funny!
Seriously, I know I've gained weight. This photo was an eyeopener.
Anyway, it's the only family pic that exists.
It was taken this past Saturday at a place called Roadside America in some town in PA. The place is about the size of an xtra large garage & houses a humoungous mini city & train set. It was really cool & the kids loved it.
Speaking of kids. The redhead is our nephew, Danny & the tall one is Tim, Christopher is in the football jersey with his head down & Cheekers is well, he's the wee one in his Daddy's arms.
Bobster shaved off the goatee.
He's so darn sexy with it. Luckily it grows back.
I love him with hair or without.
Good thing b/c as you can see, the hair on top of his head waved buh-bye years ago!

Now on a final note, I would like to say this:
Isle is surrounded by water, not something you walk down in a store.
That is spelled aisle.
Learn to spell!

Sorry had to get that out.
You may all return to your regularly scheduled blog reading.

Woops out!



aww Meggers.. you are beautiful just how you are... weight or no weight.

Enjoyed catching up... be well!


I agree. You've a beautiful soul and a beautiful mind which makes you beautiful all over. Besides, weight is our issue that we must all, as women, learn to get over. There! I said it! Now, if I could only believe it!