Monday, November 05, 2007

Think someone was tired?

This is how my sister found him the other day.
Poor kid.
Just too pooped to actually go backwards, so he just keeled over!
Good thing he's bendy.

Dropped Bobster off this morning at the airport.
Freakin 5:30am.
Then I was daydreaming & took the wrong exit.
Just what you want to do...miss your road & go driving around Philly at dawn. Luckily I knew right where I was so all was good.

Went shopping today.
Got some "spavin" stuff for Xmas.
Usually I avoid Walmart like the plague
my mom needed to go so we stopped at the only decent Walmart in the area. They were having killer clearance on some stuff, so I was able to get some good bargains for Xmas gifts!!
Go me!
And, on a plus side, I didn't get aggravated at the stupid ass, ignorant people b/c this Walmart is the good one.

I do have to return to get Chris a Xmas gift I found today.
Do I go to the good one or the one close to my house?

Only 4 days left til I return to work.
I'm not gonna lie...I don't want to go back.
Sadly, the companies I owe money too, don't really want to hear that I am not working & cant' afford to pay, so back to work I go.

Exhaustion has taken over so.........
Woops out!



No, you are right, the companies don't like it when you don't pay them, but, in our case, that's too bad. I wrote them all letters on Monday of last week telling them just that ... funny, I haven't heard from a darn one of them!



Go to the good one girl.. You can bet your butt the bad one will not have it in stock anyway and you will end up cranky and having to go to the good one anyway..

Good luck with the job I know you are going to love it. I have been working now for nearly 5 months and I still pick Indi up from day care and wish that I was home all day with her.