Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines......

So yesterday I headed to the race track to watch Uncle Chucky race.
Took the Cheekers.
Very exciting for him as he is now BIG TIME into trucks & cars!!!!
Anyway, it was a lot of hurry up & wait.
Make a long story short, no race.
Between the rains, the new clay & the track not laying right, the races got canceled. So Cheeks did not get to see his first race of the season.
Luckily, the wrists bands are good for a rain check to be cashed in within the next 3 weeks! Thank God, b/c it's freakin $16 a person, altho. 12 & under are free.

Today I got me time!!!
My diabolical plan to keep Cheeks up a little later to sleep later this morning back fired.
His tushie woke up at 6:50 am.
It's Sunday!!!
Worked out as I drug him & Chris to Shop Rite to get our weekly/bi weekly groceries.

Then I came home, dropped off the little ones & got an eyebrow wax & a pedicure.
My phone didn't ring once!!!!!!!!
It was delightful.
Altho. this evening, upon further inspection of the brows, I noticed Yolanda waxed me uneven so I look like I am arching my brow.
My toes are a nice vibrant pink.
I am a firm believer that until your tootsie are lookin good you do not wear sandels!

Then I came home for a bit.
Went back out & hit up CVS for some bargains & Goodwill.
I found nada at the Goodwill.

Then I came home & we went to Brio.
The last time I was there the experience was less than desirable so I wrote them an email.
They responded with dinner for 2.
So we took Tim, Cheeks & went.
Fully expecting to pay for the kids.
Well the food was exceptional & the restaurant picked up the entire tab.
I told the waiter that wasn't necessary as I had fully intended to pay for 2 of the meals.
He said "No, no, no"
So I gave him a "good" tip!

That's about it.
New week starts tomorrow & I must go to bed....exhausted!

Woops out!