Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, Monday

So here we are.
The end of the start of the work week.

Sad, really.
I hate working.
When is my Princess title going to come in handy?

I think just now.
I think my title is coming in handy right now...Bobster just asked me if I wanted a Sundae.
He's going to make it for me.
So............I am either really a Princess & my Prince is waiting on me hand & foot (he did the dinner dishes too)
I am dying.

Probably the latter
I will go with the good thoughts on this one!

So what are your plans for this summer?
Give me some thoughts on how you are going to do fun stuff but combat the ridiculously high gas prices.
I got gas yesterday at Hess for $3.57/gallon. This was cheaper than WaWa which was $3.61, altho. I am seeing some gas as high as $3.71/gallon. This is the cheap stuff too...the unleaded people.
I remember when I 1st started driving gas was like $.99cents/gallon.
Then again I remember being in the back of my parent's car, standing up holding onto the headrest b/c it wasn't mandatory that you wear a seatbelt, & getting gas on even/odd days depending on your license plate.
When is the madness going to end?
I can't imagine paying $4.00/gallon but I guess you do what you have to do.
That was a rant.
No wonder they nicknamed Edith Bunker as a kid.
So back on topic....tell me some fun things to do with the fam on the weekends that won't cost an arm & a leg in gas or other expenses.

Well my sundae is made.
Mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Magic Shell
Cool Whip.
Ah, I feel my thighs expanding as I type & eat.

Woops out!



Holy cow, I love your writing.
This summer? we may go home to Fl and see a new nephew who is schedule to be born on Wednesday!!!


We will be spending our summer weekends at the lovely Lake Lenape in Mays Landing. You should mosey on down some time, I'm sure Cheeks would love it.


OMG... Magic shell... I needz it nao! ^_^