Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick Rant

I come before thee, my loyal blog readers, with a rant today.
This is geared towards my women readers, so all you men out there, heed my warning!!! (Altho. I think the only male that reads my blog is my Dad).

Anywho, I am writing about wings on maxi pads.
Really, who was the genius who thought this concept up????
How freakin annoying are they?!?!

Last night I accidentally grabbed Kotex with Wings b/c I had Cheeks on my hip & wanted to get in & out. So I get home, open the pkg & BAM! Wings!
Son of a bitch!
I loathe the wings.
I think they are nothing but a pita to use.
They get messy or they don't stick or worse, the flop over when you are attempting to situate the pad to your nether region. Then when they flop over the adhesive catches you & well that is not a pleasant situation!!!!!

So manufacturers of feminine products with wings, please note....THEY SUCK!!!!!!!

My rant is done now.
If you disagree, feel free to let me know.
I am open to hearing pros & cons of these little buggers.

On that note...Woops outs!



Sorry I don't use them things. lol I have seen them advertised. So I have no idea what the hell you would want wings on your umm.... kotex. What do they think you need to fly somewhere. lol

Miss Mommy

Uhh Ohh!!! I have to disagree with you Megs...I have to have the wings.....It just does not stay in place without them....Or maybe it would...but I have always used them with wings so I am too scared to try them without!!!

Blame my they are what she bought me back in those early teen years, and I have just stuck with them!!!


Sorry but I am a wings advocate.. I love them.. They keep the sides of my knickers neat... although I must agree to the nasty sticking to things they should not...I happens rarely!!!


I am undecided on this. I like the wings because they keep them in place and nothing gets out on the sides. But, I have been caught in the nether region quite a few times. NOT GOOD!!!


Meghan, haven't been here in a while and I love the new look. I agree with the wings. There is nothing worse than having those suckers come undone and then sticking to the nether hairs! Can you say ouch????



OMG I did that too before... HATE THEM! They give me the WORST rash in places you don't want a rash... But even the non-winged kind can occassionally not stick and catch you unawares when next you remove your undies... YEE-OUCH!