Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crack...for the Preschool Set

Have you heard of them?
You know....the crack.
No, not that crack, pull your mind out of the illegal gutter.

I am talking about the crack for the Preschool set.
Known as the Doodlebops:

Let me introduce you to
Runnie Doodle
Didi Doodle
Moe Doodle

I had first heard of them from my supplier.
My daycare provider.
She would put them on for the kids and silence would ensue.
I held off for awhile before succoumbing to the phenomenon called the Doodlebops.
ShopRite had a dvd of their show for $2.50.
Oh, that's right....$2.50, less than a People magazine.
How could I pass it up?

I brought it home last week.
Showed it Cheeks
I am surprised the dvd hasn't burned up yet.

When this dvd gets turned on, someone becomes so engrossed that I can shower.
O that's right.

They sing, they dance and they tell a story with a moral.
They even have a song about cauliflower.
Has it made Cheeks want to try cauliflower?
Not so much.
But it's a catchy tune.

Didi Doodle is permanently upbeat,
Moe Doodle is always hiding
Runnie Doodle, well, he's a bit annoying & I don't think there is any hope for procreation from him in the future but he's cute none the less.

The show can be a bit unnerving for the adult set and you will get all the tunes caught in your noggin.
It's worth tho. for some much needed quiet.

In the end, I must say I love the new crack for the Preschool set.
Bring it on!

What is crack for you kids?



Suburban Princess

My little guy loves Baby Einstein! He gets so happy when he sees it come on!


Oh yes..I know about the Doodle Bops! My twins are 4 now but when they were around 2...that's all I ever heard. It was the ONLY show that would quiet them. I am forever indebted to the Doodle Bops :-)
Great Price by the way!