Sunday, October 18, 2009

So sweet, I think I got toothache. You know it's good then!

I have found the mecca of homemade Halloween candy & it is all Your Homebased Mom blog's fault. If you have never visited her must go. Now. She has all the best recipes!!!
This particular one is so easy it should be illegal.

What am I talking about?
Halloween Bark!
O, that's right.
The good stuff.
The candy that goes directly to the bloodstream.
It's like crack!
Love it!!!
Um, candy, not crack.

First up.
Gather your ingredients.
You will need:
14 or so Oreo cookies...broken up.
1 cup pretzels, approx. I used mini's but feel free to use sticks.
1 1/2 cup candy corn
De piece de resitance (You are all impressed with me French language skills, are you not?)
White chocolate or almond bark ~ 1 lb. I used almond back...1 1/4 lb. Well worth the extra quarter.

You will have to melt the chocolate in the microwave.
30 seconds intervals til it's melted, not burned.
While doing that, spread the ingredients on wax paper on a cookie sheet.
Keep a reserve of about 1/4c. of candy corn.
Next cover in the melted white chocolate.
Looks good, doesn't it?

Then throw in the refrigerator til set.
Break off pieces.
Store in air tight or out of fridge.

Doesn't it look divine?

Let me & my fat tushie tell you, it was.
Was, you say?
O, that's right.
I ate it.
Took me about a week & half.
No one else wanted any.
Well Cheeks did but I had to limit his sugar intake.
He's 3 after all.
The reason I didn't post this post early was I was in a sugar coma
I liked it!

So tell me, what is your go to homemade Halloween treat to make?




I don't think I will make anything since looking at your pictures put me in a diabetic coma for years. rofl That does look good. Might have to fix it for Charles. Not sure Boomer will eat it, since he does not like hardly and sweet things and I might have to steal a piece. lol

Suburban Princess

OMG that looks too good!


I don't really care for candy corn, but I may try this anyhow! I like to make Jello popcorn balls. I posted the recipe on my blog last year as well as have shared it on the homemakers group


I actually think I just GA-VOMITED! ick! lol


OMG... you know how bad that is for me...??? I am so making it... :P

Lisa Demars

mmm sounds yummy...

~ Italian Bella ~

Sounds so good!!!!!!

Your Homebased Mom

I have made it twice in the last week and eaten way too much of it myself too!! Glad you enjoyed the recipe!