Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Sorry for the quality of the pic but if you look below the waist you will see someone is covered in mud.

We were outback & I emptied his buggy that was full of water.
This instantly made a ginormous puddle.
Being a typical boy, Cheeks was enamored with the mud.
So being the good mom that I am, I let him have @ it!

He was running & jumping & sliding in the mud puddle.
We then went out front so he could roll down the "mountain" as he calls it.
The front yard has an incline.

Later we sauntered across the street.
He promptly found the biggest stick & almost took my eye out with it.
I felt like that darn kid from "A Christmas Movie"
Then, much to my disgust, he found a praying mantis to play with.
He grabbed it off the tree & threw it to the ground then tried to step on it.
Don't worry I told him not to kill it, it was a good bug.
Secretly inside I was hoping he tore it's head off & that he didn't want to hand it to me.
I would have screamed like the little girl I am & took off for the hills.
I hate bugs.

We are also working on Cheeks potty mouth.
It appears he favors the word B*tch & said it at daycare on Friday.
Not once

Maybe I should put soap in his mouth?
Any suggestions?

He is definitely a little mimic.
I called him when he was in his room over the weekedn.
He came to the top of the steps, stopped & yelled:
"What do you want?"
Um, sorry, what do I want?!
I do this to Bobster all the time.
Time to start changing that!

What do your kids mimic?
Are they facinated by bugs like mine?
Tell me it's a phase!




Hehehe my TOF likes to say STUPID DOG and when someone makes him nice and mad that's his phrase of choice. Cheeks will be fine.