Sunday, January 03, 2010

I am one of the last people on earth...

to see: Twilight: New Moon

I went last week.
By myself.
Oh, that's right.
All by my little lonesome.
It was delightful.

Now, as for the movie I loved it
I had a bit of disappointments:
1. All the hype about the Volturi & they were hardly in it.

2. I didn't like how they had Edward appear to Bella instead of just being voices. I know Robert Pattison has to appear in the movie b/c if he didn't I think it would be mass hysteria.

3. The Wolf pack needed to appear more & I think they should have developed the story more, like the book.

It was a long movie so I know adding in what I want would make it like 7 hours long but come on!
I would have sat there & watched.

I did love it tho.
Even the music.

Now I will just be waiting for Eclipse to come out.

I know the end of the saga.
I read all 4 books.
I still find the need to see the movie.

What about you?
Have you seen it?
Have you read it?
Do you want to see it or read it?



Suburban Princess

I am too old to be interested in seeing this movie but I want to see it lol! I read all the books too (again, something I am too old for)! I think I will have to wait for it to come on the movie channels before I see it tho :O(


Well, you're not the last one...I'll be waiting until the movie is on DVD, I can't afford the movie tickets right now. However, I have yet to see a movie made from a book that didn't disappoint, if only a little.


I'm a total TwiDork. 57 years old, yet I have read the whole saga 7 times total. The reason? I could NOT be without the characters each day. LOL! As for New Moon, I was disappointed in it....which is not to say that I didn't like it, and will not immediately buy the DVD when it comes out. But to me, it just superficially jumped from main event to main event with nothing deep to explain all that was going on between and IN the scenes. But - yeah - it would have been 7 hours long. But it would have been amazing! I'm good with 'seeing' Edward in the movie. Remember in the book, she was seeing/remembering his eyes, his demeanor etc. as she was hearing the voice. I thought it needed much more good music. Twilight had much more. And I am SOOOO with you about the volturi! Blink and you'd miss them!


You are not the last one to see it. I have never seen it. I have not seen any of the movies nor read any of the books. I might get read the books some day. Who knows. lol


I would be the last...even had grand plans to go see it with a bunch of girls...which of course didn't pan out. We could have gone to see it together! At this rate, I probably won't get to see it until it comes to On Demand with Verizon. Read the books, and can't wait to see all the movies.