Friday, January 22, 2010

Let's Discuss

Two of my fav reality shows have started again.
First up.... Celebrity Rehab w/ Dr. Drew.
Luv him...he's so sexxxxxy.

This season he has Heidi Fleiss on.
Now I used to think she was kind of cute.
Always smug looking but cute.
Well get a load of this:

Damn girl!
This, readers, is what drugs will do to you.
She is only 3 years older than me...that would make her 24 42.
Life has not been kind.
I contribute this to rampid drug use.
Why, Heidi, why?

I digress.
I want to see her succeed on the show & perhaps she can get some tips from Heidi Montag-Pratt on how to better herself with a little nip & tuck.

I don't know, what do you all think?
Am I being too harsh on poor Heidi?

Next up is Project Runaway with.....
TaDa: Tim Gunn!

That's not Tim Gunn?
That's just some incredibly cute puppy?
Oops, sorry, just too cute to pass up!
Here is Mr. Gunn

Love this man!
He carries himself so well.
Dresses so daper
And he is just so distinguished.

Honestly, let's just call a duck a duck & say Project Runaway's real host is
Tim Gunn!

It wouldn't be PR w/ him.
What does Heidi do anyway?
Sure, she comments & let's the losers go
Tim, he's the brains of the operation!

Do you agree?
Tell me, what reality shows are you into right now?




She does look awful, but I wonder if part of it is from not eating, too much tanning, as well as drugs. I don't normally watch the show (but I love Intervention) but this season is fascinating!! :) Kris