Wednesday, January 27, 2010


There I was.
Simply minding my own business.
In my own kitchen.
All of a sudden, I was attacked!!!

Out of the clear blue.
I did nothing to provoke the attack.
I was in my stocking feet trying to walk to the pantry.

That's when the stealth move happened.
Caught me by surprised.
I screamed.
Taught Cheeks a new phrase that has 2 words and begins with Mother. (I kid! I didn't do that but I screamed it in my head).

Who attacked me you ask?
Not who! WHAT!
My refrigerator.
Jumped out & broke my toe.
The pain.
The horror!
I'm shell shocked but years of therapy will help.

I tried to get workman's comp or disability but I was laughed at.
The nerve.

Tell me what have you ever broken?




I broke my big toe, ripped the toe nail and cut the end of my toe. They thought I broke my foot too as far back as my toe and foot was bruised and swollen. I feel your pain...

Mary R

Ouch!! I can tell you what I haven't broken -be a shorter list....LOL

Tara O

My toe....I have broken my toe....trying to save a baby Tyler from what I thought was impending death. sigh.