Thursday, April 08, 2010

Spring Time, my mortal enemy!

First I would like to show all of you who I was next to, in front of or behind on the way home today.
Oh that's right.
That's the infamous WeinerMobile.
Lemme tell ya, it's a swee ride.
Cheeks was tickled to death & just had to tell everyone he saw the hot dog truck on the way home.

It was a beautiful day in beautiful South Jersey
Sadly, I suffer from horrendous allergies.
Take a peek at my eyes.
Not sure how good you can see but the lovelyl red coloring is from being outside about 5 minutes.  They itch & burn like crazy,I sneeze, on average about 6x's every half an hour & my nose is stuffed beyond belief not to mention my throat itchs like a mofo!
OoH! That was a run on sentence, now, wasn't it.
Could never tell I have a degree in English.

Also wanted to let you all know I am over here today:
Come check it out!!!

Tell me do you suffer from allergies?
What do you take to combat it?
Have you ever seen the WeinerMobile?



Tara O

I *have* seen the WEiner Mobile. It came to the commissary at FLW, MO when we lived there. Seth loved it too.

I hear you on the allergies. I am missing the red eyes so far, but I have the rest....and do I remember to take my prescription. NOPE.