Friday, April 23, 2010

Who knew!!!!!!!!?????

Look at this "out of the blue" email I got today:

My name is Lee Kiang, an attorney at law. A deceased client of mine, that shares
the same last name as yours died as the result of a heart-related
condition in March 12th 2008.
I have contacted you to assist in claiming the money left behind by my
client(US$19 milliondollars) in the bank.
Reply me through this email:

Lee Kiang
I am so upset over my never met/never knew relative dying from some heart related condition
it was so kind of him/her to leave me all this money.
They must have known I need the cash.
Of course, I am perplexed.
Most of my relatives are from Ireland, Scotland or Germany mostly.
Really the last few generations are from NJ, PA & KY.
I never, ever figured I had a relative somewhere other than those places.
Sure this unknown, generous relative could be from the places I mentioned but my heart is telling me they have been living in an Asian country for awhile.

Just a feeling.
Tell me, have you lost a unknown relative and stand to inherit millions?
I hope you have contacted the lawyer.
I am off right now with my soc sec number & bank info in an email to this lawyer.
Really, it's legit!
Come on.
Why would someone not leave me this amount of cash.
Well I am going to go peruse the real estate websites to see if I can find a mansion for when my money comes in.
Woo hoo!