Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can I have jam please?

A frequently asked question upon entrance to the van by the Cheeks.
"Can I have jam please?"
or while flipping thru the tv we come across a video.
"Mommy, I wanna see that. It's jam!"

Let me show you who sings said jam:
Oh, that's right.
Cheeks is an avid fan of Lady Gaga.

I mean he luvs her.
He knows all the words to "Bad Romance", it's his "jam"
He loves to watch her videos when they come on.

Of course, I let him watch what I deem appropriate.
He will even dance to her music.

I think he has a little crush on her.
Altho. his type is usually woman w/ extremely dark hair & very pale skin.
Snow White type.

Go figure.

Tell me who are your kiddos into?




LOL! We love Lady Gaga here too, but her videos are WHACK! (Remember that word? I still don't know if it means good or bad for sure...) Anyway, our kids are weird. Antonio is into video game music. No seriously, he'll download the actual soundtrack to games he's never even played! Most of it is pretty annoying, but we humor him. The girls are currently all obsessed with K-pop music (that would be Korean pop for uninitiated) with Super Junior as their absolute favorite band. ^-^