Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Fashion, Turn to the Left, Fashion, Turn to the Right

Let's first say thanks to David Bowie for writing such a hit song that allowed me to borrow a quote for my title.
It's very apropos.
Trust me.

Today, at work we had a meeting.
A female only meeting.
It was for dress code.

Specifically shoes.
My company is very particular on what you wear on your feet in the summer.
Now they are trying to clarify what is good, what is ok, what is not ok.
This includes clothes as well.

We are a business casual establishment.
You'd think this would be able to be easy to follow.
Not so much.
Take a gander:
We would have people show up wearing these get ups.

Now let's take a minute & discuss my fashion.
Or lack there of.

I'm what you call fluffy.
You know, fuller figured.
For me finding clothes that fit & cover what I want is a chore.

Usually you can find me rocking some black dressy pants & a corresponding black & white shirt or just a plain black shirt.  Like t-shirt material w/ cute black loafer slides.
Black is a fluffy girls friend!

On the weekends I can be found in jeans or black capries & some t-shirt.

Well now I have to step it up a notch.
No more cute blue hippie shirt w/ the black flowy pants & strappy sandels.
My piggies should prob. be hidden from sight anyhow, seeing as they are naked, for this time of year.

I like comfort.
And clothes that make me appear smaller than I am.
Omar the tent maker ring a bell?

Really, if my job let me wear pj's I would be all over that white on rice.
Sadly, not gonna happen.

So, what I need to know is, if you are a plus size, where do you shop?
I need ideas!!!



the avenue.. they have everything you need. clothes shoes socks stockings undies nighties jewelry wallets purses perfumes ( not a fan). sunglasses and some of the nicest people to help you make a selection. they also have a sales rack. oh yes and in the fall the coats and jackets will be available. umm but you knew i shopped there right??????