Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fresh Beat Band

Do you have a small child?
A tween perhaps?

Have you heard of The Fresh Beat Band?
It's on Noggin, sorry, Nick Jr or whatever they changed it to now.
I still call in Noggin.
Love the channel.
Love this new show.

4 kids.
In a band.
Cute show.
Clean language.
Cool themes.

Likable kids.
Except one.
I feel like such a heel saying this
Twist, OMG, can not stand this boy!

I am sure in real life he's great.
What a dork on this show.
He's the one in the yellow hoodie.

So annoying.
I really don't think it's him singing either.
If he doesn't talk I can handle him
He is such a doofus.

Am I going to Hell now b/c I can't stand this kid?

I think the show is great.
I just wish they would downsize Twist's role.

Do you watch?
What shows do your kids like?



Hahahaha I think he used to be Michael on Barney! I hated that kid!

Miller Racing Family

I am so with you. I love the fresh beat band. They have some cute upbeat songs. What would we do without kid stations?
Have a great weekend!

Renée aka Mekhismom

My son sometimes watches it I like the music but I haven't watched an entire show to form an opinion on twist.