Thursday, August 19, 2010

Totally "MacGyvered" It

Remember MacGyver?
You know, cute guy, horrendous mullet, can do anything with a paperclip?

I totally MacGyvered last night.
Yes, MacGyvered.
It's a word.
Particularly a verb.
I just made it up.
You can thank me later for your new action word.

Anywho, yesterday the Grandpop, was at my abode waiting for the delivery guys to deliver Cheeks new big boy bed.
So while he was hangin out he was doing God knows what & had to call to ask me something.
The answer to it was my middle name.
Do you know that after 40 years, my dad doesn't know how to spell my middle name?
He even picked it out.

I digress.
After that debacle, I guess he was feeling the guilt so he decided to put together Cheeks new headboard.

When I got home all that was left to do was attach it the bed frame.
The Grandpop said it would take 2 peeps to do it & we would have to do it over the weekend.

Well I can't wait so I carried the sucker upstairs, got a screw driver & other tools, got Cheeks to help & proceeded to figure out how to attach this sucker.

Here's what I did.
I leaned this 30 pounder of a headboard against the wall.
I told Cheeks to get me his Candyland game, then he Hi Ho Cherry-O game.
Which I promptly put under the post of the headboard thus lifting it to be even with the bed frame.
Then I screwed the headboard to the bed frame.
Done in 20 minutes.

Totally "MacGyvered" it.

The Grandpop was impressed.

So, tell me, what have you "MacGyvered" lately?



i taught you well "grasshoppah". you used your noodle like i do. you can do anything you put your mind to if you just think it over first. good job schmeggie.improv improv...


Oh women can come up with very clever ways to McGyver things, especially if we want them done pronto! I once hauled a hutch from the shed to the house, up the deck and inside. By myself. Two long pieces of rope hung all the way around on either side and tied off, i backed up to it, grabbed a rope in each hand and heaved it up on my back. 10 minutes later, it was exaclty where i wanted it. Otherwise I would still be waiting for my husband to move it for me. (Bless his heart, he means well.)


freaking hilarious! i love your definition.... i macGyver every day! i rarely ever have the "tool" or utensil handy (next to my lazy but) so to avoid getting off said lazy butt i grab the nearest whatever and "make it work"... often i find that if i would have just gotten up and retrieved the thing i needed it would have saved me a couple hours... i am SO LAZY

super funny/cute blog!