Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Just throwin it out there

This is just a mish mosh post.
You've had them.
I've had them.

Saw yet another Christmas commercial today.
This isn't the first time I've seen it.
I actually saw it before Halloween.
Not to mention I got an email from the local mall.
Santa arrives this Friday.
November 5th.

Do you not think it's a bit early?
Don't get me wrong, I've started shopping but when you have 3 kids, numerous neices & nephews plus a few others, time is of the essence & so are the bargains.
But do I want to see commercials?
Do I want Santa to arrive before I've carved my turkey?
Not at all.
Kids can wait.
I remember watching Santa climb up the ladder in the Gimbels Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philly.  (It's not the Boscov's parade).
Anywho...that is when Santa arrived.
Not before.
Then his "helpers" worked at the mall so he could stay at the North Pole & supervise the elves with the toy making.
Is anyone else bothered by the early arrival of Santa or the commercials?
Is it just me?

Another thing is...please be prepared when you call a company.
Gather all information prior to dialing the number.
Just because it's an 800 number doesn't mean you can just dial willey nilly & the voice on the other end of the phone will know all.
If you have a customer number, get it & give it.
If the agent asks for your customer number, don't give the phone number.
If you are asked for your phone number, don't give your zip code.
Completely different.
Also, it hellps if you don't him, haw & question yourself as to what your first name is.
If you are non confident in this, then why are you calling?

Let's see...know why you are calling & what it is you are calling about.
Just don't tell the other person you need to do a return & then not have any info.
The crystal ball is in the shop & the turban is at the cleaners.
The voices on the other end of the phone are not mind readers.
Always catch more bees with honey than vinegar.
The nicer you are, the nicer & more perks you will get.
Just an FYI

Also, the recent elimination on Dancin With the Stars...really?
Rick & Cheryl?
How about Jennifer Grey.
I like her but lately the crying in rehearsals & the woe is me attitude is getting on my nerves.

Perhaps I have PMS.
No, no, just hot flashes.
Do mood swings come with menopause?
What do you mean you don't know?

On a lighter note, the other night Cheeks had a booboo on his elbow.
Gave him a bandaid.
Wrapped him in a towel & told him to go to his room to get in his pj's.
He told me he couldn't walk.
Why you ask?
He had a booboo on his elbow & he couldn't make it.
Drama King much?

So g'head...chime in on what is driving you crazy, your thoughts on DWTS or a funny thing that happened to you.
Let em rip!




Mood swings? Just ask my hubby what a total nut job I am every month! Gotta love the perimenopause.


Way to freakin' early for the white bearded man! Geez! And I've already started hearing the "I have to have that" "You must get me that" responses to every. single. toy commercial.
Mood swings come with hot flashes hand-in-hand for most. Now you have an excuse to be as mean as you want: Hormones.

When you come in my office, done assume I know youre name, your address, your ss#. Dont waste my time calling your mama to find out what your address is because it is NOT a po box,I can tell you that right now. Learn where you live.
And tapp-tapp-tapppping your nails on my counter willnot make me wait on you any faster.
(whew, i fell better!)



Wow, great post, thanx for sharing.