Thursday, January 27, 2011

How I know I live with boys

An extremely recent conversation between myself & Cheeks.

Cheeks (yelling from upstairs) "Mommy, mommeeeeee, it's not working?"
Me: "What's not working?"
Cheeks "The itch, nothing is making the itch go away!"
Me: "The itch, the itch where? In your butt?"
Cheeks "Yes"
Me: "Ok, I'm going to wash it"
Cheeks "You mean the hole?"
Me: "The hole?"
Cheeks "Yea, the hole! The hole where my poops lives"

And we commensed the washing of the butt.


How do you know you live with a boy?


MS Mom

Oh no! hahaha!
Mine informed me "Its not "crotch" its "balls". I like balls. ALL boys have balls."

Wow. We always called it privates. I somehow dont know what to do with his insight.


On successful days back when we were potty training TOF he would exit the bathroom and announce very loudly that his wiener was working.

Tara O