Thursday, January 06, 2011

Archie Bunker, is that you?

For those are new to my blog or just don't know, I work customer service.
I am blessed enough to work "behind" the telephone.
I do not see people face to face.

My experience is usually pretty positive.
I like my job.
A lot.

Now yesterday, I answered a call from a very old, very southern man.
We chatted about his issue.
I handled it for him
Before we hung up he asked me to cancel a quote in the system.

I asked him for the reason, which I needed.

He responded with the following:
"Well we don't need it, we just n****r rigged it, so we's good to go"

My hand immediately went to my mouth that fell open.
He couldn't see me.
Thank God.
I quickly ended the conversation.

I thought to myself, how does he know what I am?
How does he know someone in my family isn't of this particular "derogatory" name?

I understand he was older.
It's of his generation
It's still not acceptable.
He knows better.
He could have said "gerry rigged" it & have been done with it.
He didn't.

I think I handled it.
I ignored it to avoid a bigger problem.
Should I have addressed it?
What do you think?

He just said it so non chalent that I know it is in his everyday venacular.
Just like "Whatever" is in mine.

It's a shame that people still have that view & mindset.
Hello, 2011 is here.
Get a grip on reality.

And that is that.


Tara O

I personally believe you handled it well. that man could have been my father (not really..he died in November). Saying something to a man of that caliber...doesn't do a darn thing. You would not change his mind...the conversation would have ended with you angry and sickened even more by people like him. I'm sorry you had to hear that. That's disgusting that people still talk like this. It's wrong. I despise that word. I didn't know it was something one shouldn't say until I was an adult. read that correctly. I grew up hearing it. I thought it was normal. It wasn't until I grew up and went out on my own that I learned differently. It's a shame what parents do NOT teach their kids, like how to love people no matter what.