Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let me introduce you to the Grandpop

Yes, everyone, I am the child of the Candy Man.
It's true.
My dad is Sammy Davis Jr.
You are saying it can't be...why because I am a 6ft tall white girl with red hair & green eyes?
Pa-shaw I say!

Seriously, my dad, the Grandpop is the Candy Man.
At least that's how he is known to my coworkers.

Why is he known for that you ask?
Well check him out:
Yep.  That's the Grandpop.
WE love him!

Do you know that once a week my dad has lunch with me & then on another day lunch with my sister?
Tis true.
He does.
He pays for lunch & lets me keep the change...always.

Then when we leave he hands me anywhere from one to two shopping bags that are stocked with bite size milky ways, mustkateers, snickers & twix, Hershey's minatures, bars of chocolate, bags of Swedish Fish & either a box of Milk Duds or Whoppers that he buys for my one co-worke because those are her favorite.

If we do not go to lunch, my dad will make a surprise trip to my job to drop off the candy.
Keep in mind I work about 30 minutes from home.  My dad lives 5 minutes from house.
Yet he gets in his Buick, treks up the highway & drops off the goods.

My coworkers know there is new candy on Wednesdays & if it isn't there, they will ask me if the Grandpop is "slacking in his candy duties".  They have even given me coupons to pass along to him to help him with the cost.

My dad also calls every night to check up on the days events and see how his grandson did for the day.
Not to mention all I have to do or my sister, is to pick out what we like on QVC, Amazon, Old Navy etc, email him the link & 9 times out of 10 he gets it for us.

He's a good daddy & an even better Grandpop! Cheeks loves him.

So next time you happen upon my dad, sing him the diddy "Candyman" & watch him smile.




The Grandpop is awesome. Makes me miss my own dad and our Wed shopping trips to Venture followed by lunch.


He sounds like the sweetest and most thoughtful dad! How fun!


AHHH I LOVE HIM ALREADY! can i borrow him? My dad is the best too but never brings candy at least not for me lol enjoy your candy man


i can assure you that les is a wonderful man. who else could i call in the middle of the day to rescue me, or take me to work and pick me up for almost a solid month. wouldnt take gas money, has given from his heart and his wallet to those who are in need. he cares more than anyone i know. he comes to my house on holidays and never comes empty handed. he took care of his mom and dad when they were sick before they died. he's way more than the candy man.. he's my ex-husband and the greatest. oh yeah and he gave me great kids too...