Friday, March 11, 2011

Mighty Mouse, I don't think so!

He's back.

I thought the mouse that we had last year had moved on.
Apparently, my pantry is the hot meeting spot.

Well I thought I'd out smart the little b*stard & I moved all my can goods into the pantry & all the bag & box stuff into the cabinets.

So what did he do?
He got on that scooter up there & scooted his tushie to the top of my refrigerator, on top of my microwave & into the basket where I keep the bread & bagels.

Oh yea, he had a little midnight buffet last night.  As if he was vacationing on Carnival.

This means war.

I will be setting a trap.

Please not inhumane remarks about the trap.
Honestly, I feel mice are disposable animals.
Do I want testing on them?
But when mice decide to move in, uninvited, well, GAME ON!

Tell me, have you ever had unwanted guests?
You know, like your in laws.  Just sayin.


Miller Racing Family

Oh I hate mice. When we did major dirt work in our back yard, I think we woke the field mice up as they were all in the house. I put out the glue traps and problem solved. Now we have 3 cats that take care of the problem!
Have a great weekend!


I don't blame you for setting the trap. What are you supposed to do? Let him continue to eat your food?

Once, my mom had been out of town for a while and when she came back, my one sister and I came over to visit with our kids. My sister opened the drawer where mom keeps her dish towels and ran away screaming. She said there was a mouse there with a bunch of babies hanging on it. We opened the drawer and nothing was there.

We then opened the cabinet and found all of the babies, but the mother mouse was running around. We trapped her and put them all in a box. I then took them all out into the woods and let them go. This was a difference scenario though, since we knew exactly where the mouse was.


I would set a trap - I can't stand mice or any rodent. We had mice visitng our lake house and I couldn't stand it! Good Luck!