Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Typhoon or Typhoid, The Movie

Ceiling fan on. Distributes lovely cool breeze.

Sheet covering body in bed.

Temperature of room: Balmy 101 degrees.

Sound: Waves crashing in the back.

Wake up.
This isn't some dream.

The room is hot b/c the body lying next to you has a fever.
The sounds aren't waves, that's the snoring & coughing coming from said body.

Who pretell is this host carrier:
Yea, yea, don't let the angelic smile fool ya.

Around these parts we like to call him Typhoid Cheeks.
He's spreading his love by sleeping in mommy's bed.

Good times.

I think prisoners are coughed on less than what I was last night.

Alas the little boy is sick.
Not sure with what.
When I contract it in a few days I'll let you know.

So what's going on in your neck of the woods?



Oh no i hope he gets better soon we just went thru a horrible cold/flu little lady and I got it worst then dad and little man. We had to share bed with little lady and besides the coughing shes once crazy little sleeper.

MS Mom

Love the new blog layout. My "terdbucket" as I call him did the same to me 2 days ago. Night coughing cure: rub the bottoms of his feet with Vicks Salve and put socks on just before bed. Dont know how or why it works but it definately help with cough.
Hope you dont catch it!