Monday, August 08, 2011


The twins.
The girls.
Kasaba melons.

Call em what you want but all females have them.
Some smaller, some larger, some average.

Wanna take a guess where I fall?
That's right.
On the larger scale.

All. My. Life.

Really, I am grateful I have them.
I just have to say that man, they can get in the way sometimes.
They are just always there.
Sometimes, when wearing a bra & laying down, they are by my chin.
Don't laugh.
That's a heck of a lot better than when I lay down & am not wearing a bra.
Hello...water balloons overboard.
Not pretty.

And if I am trying to pass someone in a crowd, it it inevitable that they brush up against someone.
It's usually a man.
So I am embarrassed, apologize profusely and try to skidaddle asap.

It's just that sometimes I feel like I can't get out of my own way.
I'd love to get a reduction but then I would look like even more like a beached manatee.

At least you can find me if I ever go under water.
Just look for the floating boobies.

Tell me, do you ever wish yours were smaller, bigger or do you love em just the way they are?


Tara O

I Closed mine in a car door once. That hurt. ;)

I don't have big ones. Since I am at my heaviest weight, they are also the biggest they have ever been. 34B/C, depending upon the brand. I kind of don't care either way about their size...I am more concerned about the size of my BOOTY.


I'm now following you from the sunday hop!

For the record, I'm breast feeding so me and the ladies have a totally different relationship right now!

I am fine with them though, no size change, although they could be a little perkier :-/


MS Mom

This really made me laugh. I put on (ahem) a few pounds. And while the pounds have stopped my dang boobs wont stop growing! Very small B to just about to outgrow a C. I'm turning 35 next month, so its not late puberty! I get dressed in the morning and am like "Whos boobs are these!! These are NOT my boobs!" Although now my hubs oogles them, all the time.