Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene's Aftermath

Cheeks & I went for a walk today. It was windy but the temperature was divine. I only had my cell phone & thankfully in our little area we fared pretty well in the wake of Hurricane Irene. This is the back of the pump house at our pool:

Here's the splash pool that I have shown pics of before.

Finally the tree across the street from our house, closer to the lake.
Things could have been so much worse. I am thankful they were not. How did your area fare?


Working Mommy

Looks like you were definitely one of the lucky ones! Down at my parents' place they lost a huge tree - maybe 100 years old or so - that fell AWAY from the house and down a lucky!


Grandma Bonnie

I am thankful it was not worse than that. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment. I will be back often to see what you are up to.