Friday, August 05, 2011

PSA for August 2011

I'd like to use this PSA to talk to all the brides out there.
The ones who are planning their weddings.
Dreaming about their dresses.

I, being an avid watcher of "Four Weddings", "Say Yes to the Dress", "Say Yes to the Dress~Atlanta" & "Bridezilla's" not to mention other wedding shows, knows a thing or to about the do's & don'ts on your big day.

Let me show you the #1 don't on your list:


Fingerless, elbow length gloves.

Sure Madonna rocked this look in the 80's.
I may have coveted a pair when I was in my early high school career.

Today, in 2011, no, no, no.
This does not lend an air of class to your day.
In my tv watching experience, it lends an air of "retired or future pole dancer" to your day.

It really takes away from the beauty that is your gown & you.

People are focusing on your gloves, thinking, "Do I give them the gravy boat or will she shake her money maker at the reception for dollar bills?"

Shhh...I know what you are thinking, it's not true.
It is.

So please before you try those babies on, think of your photos when you've been married for 50 years.
Do you really want to look at them & wonder what happen to those & your platform lucite heels?

Just sayin!