Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Thank you Trix Rabbit, Thank you

Finally manufacturers are hearing the cries of parents.
Mostly, in my opinion, parents of children who follow a diet of no artificial coloring.

Why would you want to cut out the artificial coloring?
It makes some children act like the Tazmanian Devil.
Hence, The Aunt Erin.
Sure, as a mature woman, she can handle red dye #40
As a child, give her a little dye & suddenly she's building a house of bricks in the backyard in 10 seconds.

Why am I happy that General Mills has changed it's additives, colors etc in their Trix yogurt?
Cheekers loves this yogurt
This might come as a shocker for a kid that pretty much goes to the principal everyday for being disruptive
We think he's ADHD or Hyper & diet change is one way of helping the symptoms.

I was literally beaming in the food store.
I know.
It's the little things that make me happy.

Now I can get him this yogurt (which was a big, big place that he got his artificial dye from) & feel good about giving it to him.

So General Mills, you have heard my personal pleas & on behalf of many parents, I'd like to say thank you!


Yoplait Sara

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Yoplait Sara