Saturday, July 21, 2012


Don't get any ideas.
My house IS NOT growing by 2 feet.
Unless I gain weight, which then, yes 24 inches around the mid section is probably what I'll grow by.

I have an aversion.
My littlest one has gotten the same aversion.

I hate barefeet.
Not to look at but to walk around.
I will not go without something on my feet.
Even know, I am in my pj's and I have ankle socks on.

If I go outside, I have shoes or in case of a quick run...just socks.
I will walk on the cement surrounding the pool in barefeet but only to get out of the pool & swiftly walk to my chair to get dried off.

Cheeks has inherited my gross dislike for being barefooted...well at least outdoors.
When he was an infant we would stick him in the grass without shoes or socks & he would pull his feet up.
He still will not go out without shoes/sandels or socks.
Only exception is running to the pool.
Then all bets are off.
He feels shoes inhibit him from jumping into the pool even faster.
You know those 10 seconds to flip off your Spiderman flip flops are precious.

So tell me, do you have an averison?


Lisa Gradess Weinstein

Hi Meghan - thanks so much for visiting my blog! I don't have an aversion to being bare feet - in fact I love it. I take off my shoes the instant I walk into the house! How do you know Pam!?
I will now go and like your Facebook page!
Take care,

Living the Scream

My oldest was like this as well when she was a baby, she hated grass. Now I have the hardest time keeping any of my kids with there shoes on. They are always barefoot.