Sunday, July 08, 2012

Bittersweet Ending

Today was it.
What was today you ask?

Well for the past 9 months my Cheeks has been having a little early intervention.
He was quite the handful for the preschools (having been asked to leave a few) & quite the handful for his Kindergarten teacher & her aide.

I took the initative to get him help.
Bobster & I were doing our best, as well as our family, but it was just a bit hard.

Luckily Cheeks qualified for the early intervention. 
Having him enrolled in the program actually helped speed a long the process of getting him diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

Today was his last visit with his behavioralist, Linda.
Cheeks loves her.
As we all do.
She is really sweet, kind, personable and most importantly, great with Cheeks.

He has come so far since she came into his life.
We are sad to see her go.
Happy that her services are no longer needed but sad to see her for his last "official" visit.

Cheeks is already wondering when she is coming back & what they are doing next time.

He doesn't really understand why she came and "hung" out each week.

Hopefully we will keep in touch and honestly, hopefully , we will not need her services again.


Shell Fruscione

How bittersweet. That's great that you don't need her anymore but that must be hard for him to lose such a big part of his life. But I guess that's the nature of her having done her job right!