Friday, July 27, 2012

Very Proud

See that handsome man up there?

We are so proud of him.

About a month ago he got hired at the new Grand Luxe Cafe opening up at one of our local malls.  He was working at a local restaurant but the owner wouldn't pay him for weeks on 3 or 4.  It was ridiculous so I said enough is enough.

He applied, got hired & started training.

The restaurant has only been open about 2.5 weeks but Tim has already made an impression.
He was hired as a buser (which is what his experience is in...this is only his 2nd job). 

Well from the beginning he was hired as Buser #1, aka head buser, & now...

He is going to be the buser trainer for all the Grand Luxe's.

So that means if they build one by you, my oldest will be flown out there, put up & will be training all the new hires.

I say..............WAY TO GO!

Plus his manager told him he gets the patio & bar area because none of the others can keep up.
The kid is making bank (like my street slang? I know...impressive!)

Tell me, what kind of jobs did you have as one of your very first jobs?
I worked at a dry cleaners.


Living the Scream

Tell him congrats how awesome! My first job was a server at a retirement home. I liked it but some of the people were oh so picky! :)