Monday, September 02, 2013

20 Things You Didn't Know About Me!

I was perusing blogs today (because I am addicted to them) and I saw this post from About Mom who got her inspiration from Fabulous Mom who got her inspiration from Dear Chrissy.

It's like that old commercial from the 70's "And they told two people! And they told two people!"

So I figured what the hey, let's get on that train & follow the lead.

Here ya go.

1.  I love changing the calendar to a new month & looking at blank sheets.  It's like a renewal of sorts.

2.  I was 36 years old and 1 month exactly when I had my Cheekers.  He was 10 days early and is born on one of my best friends birthday.

3.  Not a fan of change.  I like routine.  I thrive on it really.  Bobster doesn't, so we often have a tendency to spat a bit when he wants to change something.  I've gotten a bit better but something that monkey wrench in my routine can not be un-wrenched!

4.  My fav song ever is "Rock the Boat".

It's a toe tapper, no?
Love it.

5.  I absolutely adore the finale scene in White Christmas when the sisters come out in the red gowns.  They are, to this day, the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen.  I even had a doll when I was little that had almost the exact same dress.

6.  My first car was a '79 Chrysler Cordoba.  Oh yea, I was styling.  It didn't even have heat.  A/C yes, heat, not so much.

7.  I didn't get my license until I was 21.  Don't ask.

8.  I am licensed in the state of NJ to do nails.  I went to school for 300 hrs to learn how to do manicures, Pedi's, fake nails, etc.  I worked at it for one summer & threw in the towel.  Not me at all.

9.  I graduated Rutgers University in May 2005 with a degree in English & Elementary Education.  I work in customer service and I love it. 

10.  This is my second tour of duty at the company I work for.  I left in 2003 to go back to school. 

11.  I have been fired twice in my life. 

12.  I was asked to sign a waiver when a company I worked for closed my branch.  Their reason? I was considered a minority...I was over 35 and a woman.  If I signed I got 2 additional weeks of severance.  Worked in my favor because I had already gotten my old job back.

13.  I use exclamation points like no tomorrow!!!  Seriously, it's an addiction.

14.  I've eaten goat and ostrich.  Interesting.  Not bad although the goat did give me a little intestinal issues.  Of course it was curried goat so I guess that's what I get.

15.  I pretended to be a lesbian once to get a guy to leave my best friend alone.  It worked!

16.  I have a really good memory for names. 

17.  My birth mark is on my pinky toe.  My mom thought I stepped in poop when I was a baby.

18.  I appeared on a show called Dancin On Air a few times & one of the premiere episodes of Dance Party USA.  Yep.  That's right.  I shook my money maker at 16 on tv. 

19.  I flew to Florida to meet a guy I met on the internet.

20.  I had trouble coming up with 20 things because I think I am pretty open on my blog and facebook.

That's it.

So now tell me something I don't know about you.



I had so much fun reading this and am so glad you got the inspiration from reading mine. We have quite a few things in common, although I can't claim to have shaken my money maker on television. How fun is that!!!