Monday, September 09, 2013

Late for the party

I love to read.
Super love it.
I can read pretty quickly too.

I have read some pretty good books in my day.

So after seeing a certain movie, that I found on the floor of my 19yo's room, I decided to read:

That's right.
I finally read "The Hunger Games" trilogy.

Darn skippy happy that I read it too.

What awesome books.

I was so surprised these are marketed as teen lit.

This time around I think seeing the movie first made me want to read the books.
Of course, I usually read the book then see the movie.

Now I am bookless.
Nothing to read.

Do you have any suggestions?
Does anyone even read this blog besides the Nana?
Hello Nana.

If you do, please leave me a book selection you think I might like!


Diana Bukowski

Have you discovered Goodreads yet? You keep track of books you've read, connect with your friends, and see books similar to ones you've read & enjoyed. You can find mine at ^-^

Anyway, according to several lists there (, other books you might like in the same genre are:
~ Harry Potter series (you've probably already read them)
~ Percy Jackson series (also a movie)
~ Mortal Instruments series (Now a major motion pitcure! Personally I wanted to toss it across the room several times, but supposedly it gets better.)
~ Divergent series (Jacqueline says this series is most like Hunger Games)
~ Uglies series (GOOD SERIES)

Hope this helps! Happy reading!