Monday, October 13, 2014

Giving Back

This past Saturday I had the very fortunate opportunity to volunteer my time with the Ronald McDonald House of South Jersey.

I took my 8yo with me.  I believe it is hyde time he learns about giving back and service.

A coworker of mine made arrangements with RMH for a few of us to come in and prepare dinner for the families staying there.  Cheeks and I brought brownies.  

What is great about the RMH is that it provides a comfortable place for families with members in the hospital.  I wanted my son to see that other people need our help and kindness, that we are blessed to be in the position to help.

Cheeks got to meet a young boy from Puerto Rico who was staying there.  They played Legos and video games.  He then met a young girl who was from South Korea and they played on the computer.
He also got to see a puppet show.

Do you know what was wonderful about the Puppet show?
It was done by a religious group, who showed the puppets praying to God.
Guess what?  No one was offended in the audience.  They appreciated the time this group spent with them.

No matter what your problems are in this world, someone, somewhere always has bigger problems or issues.  Health is our number priority and so many families have loved ones that have poor, poor health. Making dinner for these families is a great way to show your support for them.  Nothing says comfort like a good warm meal and that is what we did for them.  All the members of the families said thank you and many came back for seconds.

It felt good to help out and make others happy...if only for a few hours.

I want to teach my children to always give to others.  Whether through your generosity, time or abilities, people will always appreciate what you have done for them.


Lisa Gradess Weinstein

Hi Megan, my company is a huge supporter of RMH, they are a great organization. Great lesson to teach your son!


What a great experience for your little guy! It's so important to teach our kids how to give, especially in this "me" filled next generation!