Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Confession

Ok, we all have that one somebody in the celebrity world that we really "don't get", like why they are a celebrity or how they even go to that status.

Here is mine:

Lena Dunham.

I just do not get it.
I do not see her appeal.

Yes, yes, she's self depreciating, but so am I.
Yes, she's chubby & not afraid to show her curves.
I get that.

I just don't get how she is revered by so many people.

Lena is probably a really nice person, sweet in fact.  It just boggles my mind that she is so popular.
Awkward is in, I know.

I have never seen "Girsl" but from what I hear, she's naked a lot.  If I want to see a naked chubby girl, I'll look in the mirror.  Ok, it might be like Orca the killer whale but either way...

Tell me do you have a celebrity that you just don't get?