Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Confession

I was beaten by an 8 yo.
Apparently, we were having a contest but I was unaware.

Well, really, it was a challenge.  The Iron Chef Haunted House Decorating Challenge, as my son called it.

Being the good mom that I am, I picked up a decorate haunted house brownie kit.  We decided today was the day to make them.  You know, with Halloween being less than a week away.

So I baked the suckers, let them cool & we started to decorate.

Exhibit 1: He starts out innocently enough.

Exhibit 2:  He is going to town!

Exhibit 3:  Look at me, I am so cute.  I am just decorating my house, minding my business, not planning my diabolical plan at all.

Exhibit 4: Mommy's house.  I finished before Cheeks & he said "Oh I'll call you when I'm done."

Exhibit 5:  His finished house!

This is where he threw in the challenge.
Ok, I'm game.
We walked our plates into the living room and the judges were his father & older brother.  You know, the men that I painstakingly make meals for, wash clothes and run around to every activity know for man.

Judging was based on the amount of clapping one got.

Well they went crazy for Cheek's house.

I think the child fixed the contest.