Sunday, July 02, 2006

Prada & Brownie Batter

I rock! Yes, I do, yes I do. Why? Because I let Chris & Dan lick the batter from the Brownies I made today (which by the way, are very, very good!)
See my mom would probably have some sort of kniption fit at this. Per her, their are raw eggs in that & that could cause a case of salmonella. Now I didn't let them eat the batter, just lick the spoon & bowl. Dan took 2 licks & called it a day. Chris went to town. Now call me crazy but in my 35 years I have never heard of anyone getting salmonella from eating the batter. So as a child, I got to lick occasionally but my mom always stood there, waiting to pounce, so I didn't lick too much when I did lick. So I have to tell the Nana, that when Ethan is old enough to lick, he will lick. I will lick. I did not lick today. I held back just b/c of the raw egg...I didn't want Ethan to get sick. Never know what it could do to the forming child. So see mom, I do listen, somewhat.

Now Prada~! Went & saw The Devil Wear Prada. I loved it. I read the book & they made a lot of changes but I loved it. I even liked Meryl Streep in it & I hate her! Her & Dennis Hopper are the 2 worse actors in Hollywood in my opinion. I mean they aren't bad it's just that I hate them. The boys saw the new Superman & every one of them said it sucked! Sucked so bad they wanted to leave. O well. Live & learn.

Woops, out!



stop licking the batter. danny was the smart one. smarter than you schmeg. now here's the way i look at it.. if you dont bake you're not tempted to lick. buy the brownies at the store or bakery as God intended. ttfn