Saturday, December 02, 2006

Maybe the title of this post should be "3 Chunks in a Row!"
I think this is the only photo of all 3 of us in it, since Cheekers was born!
Taken the weekend of Thanksgiving.

Random thoughts:
~Christmas Tree is up. Multi-colored lights BUT even tho. it was my year to have clear, we went multi. Why? 1. The Bobster is going to be away til like the 15th & I wasn't waiting that long for my tree 2. It's artificial & pre-lit & since he agreed to that I said we could do multi-colored 3. Babies prefer the colored lights. It's done except for the garland. I actually do beads, not garland. To each his own.

~Still need to get Cheekers Christmas portraits done. Before Christmas. Would like to include them in holiday cards.

~Holiday traffic. Absolutely amazing. Today I was at the shopping area around here known as East Gate. It's a mess w/o it being the holidays but I digress. So there we are (me, the babe & my sister), waiting behind 2 cars to turn left. It's a left turn only lane with it's own light. Well the car that was in the 1st spot turned left, the car in front of me sat there with her turn signal on to go RIGHT!!!!!!! So we sat thru. the light. Of course I beeped at her to go when it was clear on the right & she just put her hand up as if to say "I can't go!" & pointed to the red light. I just wanted her to get into the lane b/c she had room over there before the line of traffic showed up from the light behind us. Well our light turned green again. The bitch sat again! So I beeped. Long & hard! She must have gotten so fluster she just turned left & got on the highway. I made the U-turn & headed to Chi-fil-a. Now I am leaving out the fact that I rolled my window down & screamed at her from the car. She was about 70, deaf & had her windows up but I felt good afterwards. Actually I felt like I had an ambolsym burst. Really have to get that Zoloft filled!

~Need to pick up speed on the Christmas shopping. If anyone knows of any stores that carry pogo sticks this time of year....lemme know. Christopher wants one & we said Ok!

~In the wind yesterday my Christmas flag blew away. Son of a biscuit! This is the second time that has happened to me. Now I must buy a new flag.

~The Megan Mullaly Show. Hmmm.....not really liking it. I think she is going to be type casted now but o well. Stick to acting not hosting. Now Rachael Ray...I like her show, she's ok but I think she will become over-exposed.

~Have to get my favorite things ready to post. If Oprah can do it, why can't I.

~Made the Ugly Cake by Tastefully Simple. Um, yea, don't bother. Not so good.

On that note.....Woops Out!



you're all lovely... and colored lights are so overated.


Love the pic!

Try for the pogo. Not sure, but worth a try.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu

Darling photo! You look great! Good lord girl, you just had a baby a few months ago, you are working full time, dealing with Bobby being gone so have enough to keep you stressed without worrying about your weight. You look great!


LOL about the old lady. Colored lights rock. That is what we have. Justin does like the tree, but he likes our fish tank better :) That is the first photo I've seen of the Bobster I think.