Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Larry Birkhead be the baby's daddy. One look at a photo of the baby & um, hello, even Stevie Wonder could tell.

Now onto more important things. Like my son!

Poor thing. He had his 1st trip to the ER Sunday night. He has had a cough & runny nose that I attributed to teething. Then he started to weez which I thought was just the junk in the throat that everyone gets but older kids & adults can cough it out. Well he sounded worse to me on Sunday night so off we went.

They checked him out. He has Bronchilitis. A virus that settles in the airways. The Ped gave him a treatment of Albuturol but he didn't respond. Only 30% of kids do. She sent him on his merry way & told me he would most likely get better in a few days & to follow up with my regular ped.

Today he sounded less weezy...thank goodness. Took him to our reg. ped who suggested getting a vaporizer & letting me know his cough can last 10 weeks! HELLO! 10 Weeks! That's a mighty long time for the Cheekers.

He seems to be on the mend, so that makes this mommy happy.

The Bobster was home all last week. Sure my house was messy & chaotic but it was nice to have him here. He left yesterday to go back to Rochester but should be home this weekend.

Easter weekend we went camping. Well let's rephrase that, Bobster's family went in campers & we rented a trailor. It was so nice! I had a really good time & would definitely do it again but only in a trailor or a superduper trailor. We took all the kids with us so it was a nice family time.

On Sat. everyone went to Bridgeport to watch Chucky (B's bro) race. He won the heat race & placed 8th in the feature. Not too shabby. I didn't go b/c it was freezin & the Cheekers wasn't feeling good. So I went outlet shopping in Lancaster instead. Only 15 miles from the campsite. Totally scored some great outfits for Cheekers for the summer. Went to the Gymboree Outlet which I thought would be like returning to the MotherShip for me but sadly it sucked! They had nothing for boys & what they did have was blah & just as expensive as the regular store. O well.

Just wanted to give you all a quick update!

Woops out!



Meghan ... so glad to 'hear' from you. For some reason, when I don't hear from you in a while, I start to worry. You must not make me worry. I can't handle the stress!

Glad to know that you are doing fairly well and that Cheekers seems to be on the mend. I have to agree with the doctor...the cold humidifier is the best thing I ever got for my kidlets...works like a charm.


Glad Cheekers is feeling better. I hated it when Boomer got/gets sicks. Poor baby..