Monday, April 30, 2007

Is this thing on?
Does anyone read my blog?

Here are some thoughts for the day:

Ten things about today:
1. My day started off relatively stress free for being end of the month.

2. Followed WW to the letter today!
3. Bought massive cleaning supplies at lunch today at Tar-jey
4. Afternoon at work brought much stress.
5. Went to dinner at my mom's.
6. Fed Cheekers mashed potatos. They were a hit!
7. Fought with Evenflo to get them to send me the fabric for the exersaucer for free vs. the almost $17 they were going to charge me.
8. I won that fight!
9. Cheekers has figured out just how much fun splashing in the duck tub really is.
10. Allergies are in high gear!

Nine things I thought about today:
1. Bobby

2. My son.
3. How much I hate cliques.
4. How fat I really am!
5. How I feel something snapped in me in Jun 05 & I haven't been quite right since.
6. I really need to clean my house.
7. My mom.
8. My dad.

Eight things I said today:
1. "This is Meghan"

2. "Hey girlers"
3. "You are just too cute Ethan Michael"
4. "I love you Ethan"
5. "I love you"
6. "Thanks for dinner" (I went to my Che Laura's for dinner)
7. "I am throwing in the towel & working at a drugstore the rest of my life"
8. "Do you need help?" (asking to see if anyone needed help closing out the month.

Seven things I ate today:
1. Weight Watchers Whole Wheat English Muffin

2. 100 Calorie Hostess Cupcakes
3. 100 Calorie Orville Redenbacher Popcorn.
4. Chocolate (what!? Where? How did that get in my diet today!)
5. Chicken with cheese & sweet peppers.
6. Salad
7. Weight Watchers Ice Cream Cone
Six songs I listened to today:

`1. It's Not Over - Daughtry
2. Glamorous - Fergi
3. Tell Me - P Diddy & Christina Aguilaria
4. Boyfriend - Avril Lavigne
5. The new one by Kelli Clarkson
6. The new one by Maroon 5

Five blogs I read today:
Ali Edwards
Cathy Zielski
Sophia Corbridge
Meagan the Magnificent

Four photos I took today:
Um, I didn't do this!

Three things I need to do before bedtime:
Turn out the lights.

Check on the babe.
Lotion up!

Two notes to myself from this day:
Call dr. for allergy meds.

Balance check book

One thing I'm grateful for this day: