Sunday, April 29, 2007


Just a recent photo of the Cheekster. Looking inquisitive isn't he?

Let's see, if the weather has a drastic change it's b/c I, along with the babe, went to church today. Yep. And it didn't catch on fire when I walked in either. How do you like that! Between the baby having the reaction he does when he sees Jesus & me having to get him blessed, I felt this strange pull to go. I'm glad I did. It was a nice meeting & Cheeks was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good through Sacrament.

Now what I want to know is...when did I get to be the same age as the Bishopbric? Anyone?
Anyone at all?
The Bishop is easily my age, if not 2 or 3 years younger.
Nice looking Bishop. Very Teethy! You know that "I'm a Mormon, so I have a smile like the Osmond's teeth", that's what he had!

I'm doing the walk for MS next week. If you would like to donate email me or leave a comment on my blog & I will send you the link. Any donation is high appreciated. I mean, any people. Like a $1!

I started WW again. Lost 5 lbs so far. I am sure I have gained it back. It's really wonderful when you are talking to someone & they say "You're pregnant, when are you due?". I was like, Um, no that's the baby weight from him...he's 8 months old. I have to go throw myself in traffic now. Nice talking to you. Whatever!

On a high note. Went to the Cheesecake Factory yesterday for lunch.
Erin, the babe & myself.
The hostess actually had a brain in her head.
She asked if we would like the napkin & plate for the baby.
I asked just for the napkin.
She didn't give him crayons.
She brought a plate of bread with 3 slices of banana on it for the babe.
Ok, if they normally bring the banana, don't tell me b/c I like to think it is b/c they do it for all babies :>)

I scrapped a few weeks back. This is the latest page. I am hoping to get to do it again but who knows when. At night, afterwork, I am too tired and the weekend I am playing catch up on chores, running my errands & spending as much time with my growing too fast for my liking son! Whose responsiblity was it to tell me 8.5 months flies by in a blink of an eye?

On that note...Whoops out!


Nik Just Nik

OMG Meghan.. Cheeks is getting so big.. So glad the church did not cave in on you.. that is always a plus LOL!!!

The layout is awesome too gir. Love the Heart of Buttons!!


He is just too stinkin cute! Love his expression! He is getting big too!

Tara O'Rourke

What a cutie patooty that boy! I love his expression there! :D

Great LO...wonderful job!


He's too too cute, all sitting up and being cute! LOL love that layout, awesome paper you picked. Great seeing you blog :)


In a blink of an eye Meghan, in a blink of an eye. Cannot believe my babies are 13 and 9-1/2.


what a cutie pie.. glad you're doing ok Meggers.. good luck with WW