Friday, April 13, 2007

Random Photos taken this week

Tim & Cheeks.....Timmy sure does love his baby brother!
He is so good with him & Cheekers loves him too!

Believe it or not, he does smile but this is what you get when you tell him he has to eat the burger he ordered & decided he didn't want.

Finally, a foot fetish. Hmmm....I wonder what relative he takes after?



OMG, what cute pictures - he looks soooooooo much like his mommy!


Nice! Very cute baby boy you have there Meghan.

Going For Greatness

Such sweetness! what gorgeous kids!!


Look at those TEETH!!! I'm soo waiting for teeth on this end, and then I think about it (the nursing part) and I'm glad they are not in yet! LOL...He's adorable!