Monday, May 28, 2007

9 months Portrait

I present...Mr. Adorable:


Lissa Ballard

Oh my gosh if he's not absolutely adorable!! I love every picture Meghan! What a precious baby boy~!

Big hugs!


What a total cutie! LOVE it!

the nana

what can i say?? he's as adorable as his mother and his aunt were...all 3 look like moi!

Aunt Patty

Hey Meghan, What a absolutely adorable baby! He takes wonderful pictures and really looks like a happy, happy baby!

Love ya's
Aunt Patty

Felicia McB

holy cow! look how big he is! he's so CUTE!!!!


Meghan, he is absolutely freakin' adorable!!!! I want to just reach out and pick him up!!!!!

I'm thinking he needs a visit from Auntie Abby real soon!!!! :D