Thursday, August 06, 2009

Is that Def Lepard I am listening to?

It's the
Rock of Ages musical soundtrack.

This is the new Broadway musical featuring Contantine Maroulis (American Idol finalist).
It's about a small town girl, living in a lonely world (Now you know you are all singing the Journey song that starts out like that!).....well she moves to the big city, meets a guy & falls in love.
Their story, set in 1987 (I was a junior in high school...sigh), is played out through the songs of that era.

Being a huge fan of the 80's music, I jumped at the opportunity to review this cd.
I have seen my fair show of Broadway musicals and I have one or two soundtracks in my mini van.

Having not seen this show, only listening to the soundtrack, I was able to follow along, as there is snippets of the acting though out the cd.
I also was able to sing along.

This soundtrack definetly brings back memories....of high school and musicals.
Do I like the soundtrack?
Honestly, it's ok.

Anyone who has seen a Broadway show knows the acting is a bit over the top (which is clear on this cd) and that when the singing happens, the actors over pronounce the words. This happens in every-single-song, which I found to be a bit annoying. Sometimes the actors/singers seem to be trying a bit too hard for emotion. One in particular is so pronounced in his voice that I thought I was listening to a Shakespeare play.

The writers are able to meld songs together to be a flawless flow through out. They mix songs you normally wouldn't think to mix. For example "I Hate Myself for Loving You" & "Heat of the Moment" are intertwined to portray the characters struggles of their feelings for one another. Also, blending a Quiet Riot song, "Cum on Feel the Noize" & Twisted Sister's famous "We're not Gonna Take it" is genius and got me bebopping in my mini van along the highway.

It's an enjoyable soundtrack for the most part. If you like the 80's music I suggest checking it out. You can see the making of the soundtrack here. It's interesting.

Would I run out and see this musical based solely on the soundtrack? Probably not. Would I wait to see if they made a movie out of it? Yes, yes that's the ticket!

Overall, it's a good soundtrack with notable songs that most of us would know by heart.

Tell me, have you listened to it?
What's your fav musical?