Saturday, August 22, 2009

Captain's Log: Stardate: 82209.82209

So who wondered where I was?
Anyone at all?

Well I was on, as I like to call it, a spa week getaway with my little sister.
Yes, yes, good times.

It all started on Aug 10th.
Got my gallbladder out.
All was good.
Came home, slept, got up, putzed around the next day, went to bed.
At approx 2am, early Wednesday morning, I am withering in excrutiating pain so severe that I called my mom to stay with Cheeks & Bob took me to the hospital....not the hospital that I had my surgery at but one a tad closer but still owned by the same group.

We arrived.
I moan, groan, cry, sweat, yell.
You name it.
The ER doc gave me 4cc's
Dilaudid (I highly recommend this's FABU!)in a span of 30 minutes plus 2cc's of Ativan(another drug that comes highly it!)
Since the doc gave me all those meds in a span of 30 mins I stopped breathing.
THANK GOD Bobby was there.
He started yelling at me & I started to breathe again & the doc gave me something to reverse the effects off all the other drugs.

I spent 16 hrs in the ER & saw the doc on call, once, at 9am.
Our nurse was the best.
She got Bobby the results of the tests they gave me & Bobby never, ever left my side.
Finally after telling us at 8am they were admitting me, at 8pm at night, I got a room.
Bobby stayed til I got settled then came home.
I was in the hospital til Friday, they ran cat scans, hidascans, MRI's etc.
Everything came back negative.
I left the hospital, came home, relaxed in bed the majority of the weekend & the Sunday at noon I got the pain again.
Vicodin helped relax the pain

8pm that night!
Off I went back the original hospital where I had my surgery.
Bobby took me to the ER, I told him to go home & send my mom. I wanted him to be with the kids since he was with me all the prev week at the hospital.
My mom arrived.
I was drugged up, again on Dilaudid, but coherent & my mommy stayed with me til midnight when I got in a room.
Yes, yes, they admitted me.

So Monday arrives, they give me a test, I see a doctor, yadda yadda, need another test.
Tuesday morning arrives.
My sister arrives in the same hospital, with a disgusting infection in her tooth, they admit her.
I end up being her roommate.
This is why I call it the girl spa week!

More tests are run on me.
I see surgeons, GI docs.
Finally Thursday the GI doc comes in at 3:30 to tell me I have an ulcer.
An ulcer?
Can't be, doc, I have no levels of stress!
So I figure the doc is going to write me a script for pain & let me go.
Not so much.
I had to stay narcotic free for 24 hrs & then he would let me go.
Meanwhile, Toothy McTootherson in the bed next me, has gone to OR, had her tooth extracted & now has a drain in & an antibiotic drip.
She is also being given Dilaudid & Ativan.
These are definitely the drug of choice for my family.

So I was sprung yesterday, as was my sister.
I was given 3 spcripts, Carfal (it's like Pepto), Nexium & Percoset.
Got those puppies filled & started taking them, the percoset has to be taken for pain only, so luckily I haven't taken them.

My sister was also released yesterday & is home with her scripts as well.

So for the past 2 weeks I have been in the hospital to find out I have an ulcer.

Good times!
Now I am to just take it easy, eat small meals & avoid caffeine.
I think I can handle it.
I also have to eat lowfat since I no longer have a gallbladder.

Do I regret getting the gallbladder out?
Do I know it had to be done?
Yes, but it doesn't change the fact that I regret it.

It's over,
Done with,
I'm home.

So, tell me, what have you been up to this past 2 weeks?




You have been missed! I hope all is well now...

Selfish Mom

OMG, what a nightmare! Have fun catching up on everything, that's always the sucky part of being away, no matter what you're away for. Glad you're better.


Holy crap Meg. All this just so you can get your hands on some painkillers? Or to get away from the kids? So sorry about the unplanned getaway. Hope you're feeling better.


I hope you feel better from now on! You were greatly missed!!!


Hope you feel better soon. I have ulcer too and I feel for you.

Kathy Carr

Oh my - not good at all. Hope you're both getting better quickly!

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

Good Gravy Meg! I'm so sorry you've been through so much! So glad you're back and doing better - now this is one heck of a way to get a Girl Spa vacation! LOL

Big hugs!


Ughh, hospital stays are the worst. I guess it's lucky though that you got a good roomie. Glad to hear you and your sis are getting better!


what have IIIIIII been doing for the last 2 weeks?? gee let me think,, i was WORRYING MYSELF TO DEATH OVER MY GIRLS. that's where i've been. club virtua the spa that keeps on giving....


I noticed you gone from Twitter...sorry that you had to go through such an ordeal! My parents both had their gallbladders out and they definitely don't eat low fat ;o) Hope you feel 100% soon.