Thursday, August 27, 2009

How did you find me?

That's right.
It's time for another edition of
"How did you find my blog"
Using the keywords of course.

First up, is the phrase:
"What's in the queens purse"
I would like to say Thank you for recognizing my royalty.
The Nana always said I was a princess but I would like to thank those that know I am a QUEEN!

As for what's in my purse.
Well this Queen carries a wristlet. A Coach wristlet, thank you.
It has cards (i.e. ATM, Insurance) & on occasion, money.

Next up is:
"#1 hairstyle of 1984"
Yes, even at the tender age of 14 I was on the cutting edge.
I had permed hair.
With poofy bangs.
It was very pretty.
I was a styling 8/9th grader.

Someone found me by searing:
"country in which money can't be brought to home country"
Now if you would like to forward me the $$$, get in line.
I have numerous, late Royal relatives that I did not know of but have apparently named me in their will.
So nice of them.
Of course, before I can get the cash I have to give their "lawyer", "rep", call him what you will, my soc # & checking account #'s.
Obviously it's legit.
So no worries, I am def. your long lost relative.
Just let me know where to send my info!

I am also on the edge of all political happenings.
I was found by searching:
"office of the security advisor to the presidentfederal republic of nigeria"
So what ever the Pres. of Nigeria wants to know, I of course advise him.
Why wouldn't I?
Every countries Pres would do well to ask the opinion of such matters of a customer service rep, mom of three, daughter of a retired police officer & beautician.
Don't be silly thinking I wouldn't know anything!

So tell me how do readers find you?