Friday, August 07, 2009


It's that time.
Time for our Summer Public Service Announcement.

This comes a bit late in the season but none the less, it is still very important to get this message out!

I am talking about men this time.
Men whose fashion gene is a bit off.
Men like Steve:

Are you saying to yourself, what's wrong with his fashion?
If you are, you need this PSA more than I thought.
If you know right off the bat what is wrong, well you should work at GQ!

Can you guess?
Enough w/ the suspense.
I will tell you.

While Steve is a likable guy, who can't dance but tries, he loses in the fashion department.
Um, he has hairy legs....hairy legs on men are expected but when paired with infamous shorts, black socks & black shoes...well it makes me shutter & weep for our future.

What I've noticed is most men that do this are either too old to care or are so pastey white that when pairing it with such a harsh color, it is blinding to the other person.

Really, who thought this was a good look?
I especially like when they pull socks all the way up.
As far as they can go.

Yes, yes, that's a look to die for.

So, men in this country & men in other lands, take heed of my advice...

Sure, sure you feel it's keeping you cool
Some of us want to keep our lunch down after eating
This look gives us a case of the quesies!

So if you are pondering what to wear today
Are thinking this is the look
Don't go with that instinct.

Instead, leave me a comment.
I will help you.
I promise.

Ladies, do you have a man who is suffering from this dreaded lack of fashion gene?
Let me know!
What other fashion faux paus are the men in your life making?